May 9 Striped Bass on Archangel

Today would have to rank in the top ten fishing trips I’ve ever been a part of. We broke the inlet at sunrise to find huge Striped Bass rolling on the surface and devouring the large schools of bunker that seemed endless. The action didn’t stop all morning and afternoon and all of the fish were 25 lbs. and upwards. I had the father son charter of Mike and Andrew and they caught fish on every lure in my bag. Metal, soft plastics, jigs, live bait, swimmers, etc. This was the kind of fishing you’re lucky to experience once every few years. We had a limit of fish within the first hour and the action never let up for the rest of the trip. We found ourselves releasing fish upwards of 40 lbs all morning. This was Spring fishing on the Archangel at it’s very best. I’ve been off the water for a few hours and my heart is still pounding. Absolutely incredible stuff.



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