Memorial Day Weekend starts with a bang.

Memorial Day weekend usually marks the height of the Striper run and we capped off an incredible week of fishing by running back to back charters Thursday night and Friday morning. The fishing was absolutely out of this world. First we had the Matt Lopina bachelor party out on the Skylarker for a rare livelining trip. It is very difficult to fish live baits from a boat that size, but with Randy and I running the cockpit we were able to take our game to the bigger boat and put the boots to dozens of monster Bass. The action was furious right from the start with 30 and 40 lb. Stripers crashing huge schools of bait all around the boat. It stayed that way for four solid hours and I have no idea how many fish were caught but 30 is a conservative guess. This was one of those days we dream about where the fish and the bait come together and we had double and triple headers right up thru dark. After eating dinner and trying to get a handle on what a great night it was we went and crashed in a motel room for a few hours of sleep and met Dave and his son at the boat for round two. The fish were where we had left them the night before and the morning fishing was stellar once again. We quit around noon with sore arms and a limit of fish for the happy anglers. I’m staying off the water until the holiday weekend is over and the boat traffic dies down. So far this spring is as good if not better than last year, which was legendary.



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