5/31/2011 Striped Bass Carnage

I had no charter today, instead it was a rare day of fun fishing with two of my closest friends who happen to be the best anglers I know. Me and Nick Honachefsky and Craig Angelini put on an absolute clinic this morning on monster Bass. I know every day I probably say that the fish are huge, but today was on another level—the pictures tell the story. With three experienced anglers on the boat we didn’t drop very many fish, except for the Thresher Shark that stayed behind our boat for about 10 minutes and tore our shit to ribbons. We had a blast today, I wasn’t sure what the full moon was gonna do to the fishing but we broke the inlet in the dark and had a wicked good bite all to ourselves that crapped out at 8:30. Another incredible morning of Bassing with some good friends.

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