Big Bluefish+Bunker=Bloodbath. 10/16/2011

Rough seas, great fishing today. We had two experienced anglers today in Chris and Katie, which was a huge plus, because in addition to their angling skills, they also had their sea legs. The wind was absolutely cranking out of the west and gusting to 25 knots at times making it a wet and sloppy ride to the fishing grounds. We were greeted by miles of bunker with absolutely gigantic Bluefish pushing them to the surface and devouring them. The amount of bait in the water right now is astounding. The 15 lb. class Bluefish were spitting up Rainfish, Bunker, Mullet, and Spearing and the birds were going absolutely bananas. At times there were explosions all around the boat as the Bluefish waged an all out massacre. Our anglers are going home with sore arms tonight and we will be back at it again tomorrow at 6am.


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