11/6/2011 Stripers–Banner Day.

I wish I had taken more pictures and video today but we were too busy reeling in fish from start to finish. Today was one of those memorable days where the fish and the bait came together and the conditions were gorgeous as well. Nat and James were supposed to fish with us on Friday but the weather kept us off the water. This turned out to be a blessing in disguise. We caught our legal limit quickly and were releasing gorgeous Bass for the last few hours of the trip. We only had about 1 Bluefish for every 4 or 5 Bass and all of our fish were caught on jigs underneath miles of diving birds. Easily the best day of fishing we’ve had this fall and we still have 4 more trips to go this week. Let’s hope this continues. Today was “pick your favorite jig day” with Deadly Dick’s, AVAs, Crippled Herring, Stingo PBJs, and Croc spoons all catching fish.


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