Key West Mahi!

I haven’t had many chances to type up fishing reports because we barely have enough time to eat and shower (when we get the weather to fish). The offshore fishing was much better today, we got covered up with Mahi into the mid-teens for a couple hours. We found a big weed line with tons of flying fish and Dolphin stacked underneath and we fished the hell out of it and put a lot of meat in the cooler. We’ve also had a lot of Grouper, Bonita, Sharks, Kingfish, and all of the Yellowtail you could ask for. We dropped a Sailfish today 10 minutes into our first drift, a lot of action. Things will hopefully continue to improve. Check out these pics–Zach today with a nice Mahi, Little Michael with a nice Red Grouper, and what was once a nice Black Grouper that got chomped by a 6 foot Blacktip Shark just as we were about to lift him in the boat.

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