Much Shad–Happiness abounds, man.

I guess our season is officially underway now, I didn’t see this coming but I’ll take it. I was depressed about coming home from Key West but that’s now a distant memory cuz there’s fish everywhere. Smallies, Shad, Walleye, Stripers, the whole deal. Me and little Mikey and Doc John went out tonight and didn’t have to wait at all for our first bite, or the second, third, etc. In 90 minutes we had a full day’s worth of action on Shad— both males and big Roes. If you want to get in on this action I will take you out from 5-7pm, give me a ring at the number below. It has been 2 years since I ran my last Shad charter, but this is a good time to try it as I have a feeling this will be our next fishery to close. Do yourself a favor and check it out now.

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