Shad with Mark Modoski 3/22/2012

I had my friend Mark Modoski on the boat tonight from 5-7pm. Mark is working on a project where he is fishing every day for one full calendar year. He’s in the home stretch with only a couple of months to go and along the way he’s caught some outstanding fish. People are always asking me secrets to this sport and my answer is always the same, put in the time. What Mark has accomplished is truly amazing with multiple fish of a lifetime including 51″ Muskie among other things. I actually called him to get in on this incredible bite we have going here in my backyard and the fish gods smiled upon us tonight. Every fish was big and we were fishing in t-shirts at night in mid-March with great success. Check out his blog to track his journey:

It was my pleasure to host a small chapter on his wild year.

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