Shad–April 1

Rainy night on the river with lousy fishing. Today I had the Hawthornes on the boat (John and John Sr.) for an uncharacteristically slow fishing trip. We went two hours without a single hit and then all 4 rods went down at the same time and we lost all 4 fish. I figured this was the start of something special though, a quadruple header? No dice, another hour went by without a fish and we finally came tight to a nice Roe. And that was it! 1 for 5 and then it started raining really hard. Sometimes this gets those fish going but not tonight. So there it is, 1 for 5. Thankfully the guys were seasoned fishermen and know that sometimes it goes that way.



It was my pleasure to host my friends Frank Cosner Jr. and Sr. on the boat tonight for some good fishing. We had a great time with some beautiful Roes coming to the net. So far the big female fish have outnumbered the small males about 4 to 1 this year which is a bonus on top of the fact that usually we haven’t even put the boat in the water by now. Good times with some nice folks. -Mickey

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