Shad 4/3/2012

I’ll be posting pictures of Stripers next time hopefully. We’re at that point where Shad is fun and all but it’s time to move on.


Today was the day I’ve been waiting for with these Shad, it busted wide open for us. Wes and Vic drove down from upstate NY for their first Shad trip ever, although they are experienced Striped Bass fisherman. We started off with Wes landing the biggest Shad I’ve ever seen, and obviously the biggest fish I’ve ever had in my boat. She weighed over 7 lbs. and I have the drags on the reels dialed in from a month of fishing. This fish pulled as if the reel was in freespool. I couldn’t believe it when it hit the net. The pictures don’t begin to do this fish justice. Sometimes this is a bad sign, catching a fish in the first 2 minutes but that wasn’t the story tonight. As the sun started to set the fishing just got better and better and I kept raising the spoons higher into the water column and they just kept on coming. We fished right up until dark and they just kept burying the rods one after another. I had a slow trip on Sunday but this more than made up for it.

I’m putting the Archangel in the water this week because there are Stripers and Bunker everywhere. Expect to see reports every day from here on out, 2012 is going to be a banner year.


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