5/31/2012 Slob Stripers.

We came out in the pea soup fog (in the dark) and were not happy; luckily once the sun poked up in the East the fog burned off and we were sitting in miles of baitfish. We filled the live well with bait in no time and landed a bunch of huge bruiser Bluefish but no Bass. We made a smart decision to zig when everyone else zagged and it paid off for us in a big way with some absolutely gigantic Bass, some of the nicest of our season. This was a real morale booster for us as we have had to really work to put a pattern together on these fish and give our clients some consistent action. Todd flew in all the way from Seattle to catch big Stripers and we were gonna sail no matter what. Randy and I never stopped fishing the entire time–sometimes a positive attitude makes all the difference and we fished our asses off today. Great stuff.


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