More good Striper fishing 6/1/2012

Ryan booked this trip with me back in 2011 and was very clear about what his goals were, he wanted to catch a Striper over 20 lbs. This was my goal for many years too so I could relate, (then it was 30, then 40, and then the elusive 50 everyone’s after). I told him that he would have his best opportunity the week after Memorial Day so he booked way in advance. We have a lot of anglers on the boat with different levels of experience and occasionally we get someone like Ryan (who fishes over 200 days a year) who has an objective. We love this, there is no second guessing our float plan this way. So of course the day finally comes and the seas are choppy and sloppy and as the wind increased it just got more and more brutal. Ryan did not give two shits so off we went into the teeth of the 15-20 mph NE blow–it would get worse every hour throughout the afternoon. With all of the chop we had a bit of trouble finding bait but we finally got about 15 pieces in the well and we set off to our honey hole.

This was one of the more rewarding trips for me because it looked like the odds were stacked against us and instead Ryan got rewarded by blowing his 20 lb. goal out of the water (literally) with a 30 lb. class fish and another that easily went low to mid-40′s. After awhile Kathleen fell ill with seasickness so we went in the harbor and fished for Flounder for the rest of the trip and had tons of action and even some keepers. This was a great trip with some very cool people who are welcome back on the boat anytime they want. Ryan was super psyched, we high-fived like 30 times today and I remember that feeling so well, it felt great to have it happen on my boat.

There are some VERY big Bass around right now.

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