Striped Bass Insanity 6/11/2012

This report is a little bit late because I was exhausted yesterday and slept from the afternoon right through the night last night.

I almost don’t know what to write anymore because I’ve declared the past few trips “as good as it gets.” Today was simply the best day yet with gigantic Bass from start to finish, less boat traffic, and bait spread out enough where you could work a school of bait all alone and pull fish non-stop. We really never encountered the menacing Bluefish that everyone has been talking about except for a few times throughout the morning. Eric and his buddy hit it out of the park today when they chose this date to fish, stellar Striper fishing. They travelled all the way from Austin, Texas too! Later on they got to enjoy Striped Bass with White Wine sauce w/shallots and ginger, wild rice, and fresh Asparagus—Damn!

The ocean was very snotty yesterday and is worse today so we were forced to cancel. Hopefully this fishing holds up as we still have a few more weeks of Striper fishing on the books, including a doubleheader day of bachelor parties on Thursday with 15 hours on the water!


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