6/19/2012 Great Striper fishing….again!

Kathleen bought her husband this fishing trip for his birthday and they came down from Rochester to get in on the action. The fish cooperated for them and we put some BIG fish in the boat today. The highlight of the day for me was when I was reeling in a bait and was just about to lift it out of the water and all I saw was this huge open mouth shoot out from under the boat as a Striper over forty lbs.crushed my bait and sent spray up in my face, almost pulling me out of the boat. I thought I was gonna have a heart attack. And then….. it happened a second time not 5 minutes later! When these fish are feeding aggressively they can really put on a show.

Quote of the day goes to my mate Randy Matlack though; we were working a school of bait and a guy pulls up in a big ugly Clorox bottle looking boat and hooks a fish and starts yelling instructions to us on his technique, as if it were our first time fishing. Randy says “thanks but this isn’t our first rodeo” and I guess that hurt this guy’s feelings because he went ballistic on us, calling us every name in the book in a thick North Jersey accent. Randy started yelling “you da man, you da man” and I thought I was gonna pee myself laughing.

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