Archangel 6/21/2012 Tremendous Striper Fishing

I keep thinking that one of these days we’re going to come out of the inlet and there will be no fish, especially when it’s 100 degrees on the mainland. Today was not that day, and as a matter of fact it was one of the better trips we’ve had this whole damn season. Pat and his Dad (who I affectionately started calling “Pops”) absolutely put the boots to the fish today. We started out fishing in a pack of a zillion boats and landed 3 big fish early in the morning and we were assuming that it would slow down after that as the sun was high in the sky and it was getting HOT. We decided to make a move away from the fleet of boats to fish in peace and this turned out to be the move of the year as we ended up on a pod of bait absolutely loaded with hungry Stripers (we had it all to ourselves) and we ended up catching 9 or 10 more Bass throughout the morning on the one school. We had numerous doubleheaders and even three fish on at one point. The action was furious for awhile and we had to give Pops a breather to rest his arms. Randy and I both agreed that this was a really special charter as these guys were so cool and the vibe was so relaxed even with the manic fishing. Check out the video to get an idea. 5 more Striper trips before we switch over to Fluke and Sea Bass for the summer, can this possibly hold up another week like this? Once again we have been blessed with another great Spring Striper run on Archangel.


some good action video:

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