6/22/2012 100 Degrees and Bassin’

It was hot as hell on the water today and we were reading water temperatures of over 75 degrees, wow. We managed to catch a couple of Bass before the sun got too high up in the sky and then we poked around and wished we had brought our equipment for Summer Flounder (Fluke) and Sea Bass. Personally I am really looking forward to Fluking, relaxing on the boat and catching a lot of fish for the table. I live between 60 and 70 miles from my boat and the intensity of chasing these Stripers around combined with the 3am alarm clock wake-ups has me ready to switch gears around this time every year. It has been another great Spring run and I’m thinking that next week will be Striper fishing in the a.m. and bottom fishing the second half of the trips. Here are James and crew (drove in from Akron, OH) with some nice fish from today.


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