Archangel Shark Fishing From the Beach! Friday August 3rd–9pm til sunrise!

Every summer when the full moon high tides arrive, big toothy Sharks come right up along the beaches of NJ to feed and spawn. There is nothing in the world quite like hooking and landing Sharks up to 300 lbs. (and sometimes even larger) from the beach. Come fishing with us on Fri August 3rd and see for yourself! The way we do it is tons of fun–we use a device we call the Surf Rocket that launches our baits and chum like they were artillery. ALL SHARKS ARE RELEASED TO LIVE LONG LIVES! We are very careful with these fish when we land and release them.

Check out their website for details on how it works. It is basically a mortar tube that launches the bait hundreds of yards out to where the sharks reside. We are offering this trip for the first time ever and plan on making it a regular part of our charter menu. Sometimes it takes 30 minutes to one hour to land a big shark–the fish gets hooked at our campsite and might get landed 3/4ths of a mile down the beach as the whole party cheers on the angler and the party walks along as you fight the fish. It is very cool to say the least and sometimes we get huge Sting Rays and other deep water fish as by-catch. We have had nights where we have landed over 20 Sharks, Browns, Dusky Sharks, Bull Sharks, and Thresher sharks right from the shore in our bare feet! The trip costs $150 per person and we will also be providing a really great package with this trip. Food and drinks supplied a local caterer, a huge bonfire, A t-shirt commemorating the event, and a fully mixed and edited DVD of the evenings festivities for every paying customer. There is no party quite like a Surf Rocket Shark party. We fully expect this event to be sold out very quickly so please call me at 215-693-4215 if you are interested. The location is being kept secret to prevent party crashers–I will tell you the details when we book.


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