Fluke and Sea Blasters 7/4, 7/5, and 7/6

I have been late with the reports and I actually don’t have any pictures from Wednesday’s trip, only pics from today and yesterday. The Fluking and the Sea Bassing have been great though with a ton of bites and a lot of fish coming to the net. It has been a lot nicer on the ocean than it has on the mainland, once we hit the harbor it feels like a convection oven.

We are eating very well these days anyway, lots of Fluke— limits are pretty much normal this year so far. Seems to me that we are finally getting rewarded for the years we released the fish that were a half an inch undersized. Sea Bassing has been very good too and will only get better.

I have some dates available this month and some in August as well. Give me a ring and let us put some great eating fish on your table!

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