Fluke and Bonito 7/28/2012

I hosted Dod and his friends on the Skylarker last night for a bachelor party and we caught a limit of Bluefish within the first hour. It was the beginning of 2 very strange days on the water. Also in the mix were Bonito, which always make things more interesting. I saw something I’ve never seen before, schools of Sting Rays, I mean thousands of them spread out over acres of water, very cool. Later in the trip some sharks were milling around the boat, we felt pretty sure they were Dusky Sharks from what we could see. This morning the ocean was incredibly rough up towards the North and it made fishing very uncomfortable for Lizette and Mark, who traveled in from Akron, OH to fish with us. They stuck it out for a few hours and then the sky opened up and completely dumped on us, but not before putting together a nice box of Fluke, Sea Bass, and more Bonito, which were porpoising out of the water all up and down the coastline. Fun stuff on light tackle.

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