Fishing with Les Claypool 8/15/2012

I’ve been in San Francisco for a week on vacation, hence the lack of fishing reports. Yesterday I got to fish with my good friend and fellow musician Les Claypool of the band Primus out of Bodega Bay, CA on his ’31 Bertram, gorgeous classic
boat. We had a great day on the water catching Ling Cod and Rockfish and barely missed a King Salmon which we hooked and then dropped. Les and I have been trying to fish together for years on each other’s boats and we both finally found a break in our schedules when we were in the same place at the same time. Also along on the trip were Les’ father and my buddy Jon Weiss. We managed to put together a nice box of about ten fish and the Ling Cod are fantastic on the table. Next time we’re doing it in New Jersey on my boat!

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