Archangel Fishing 8/21/ 8/22, 8/23

Archangel 3 Day Report 8/21-8/23

Just got off the water for the third day in a row and ocean conditions have never been nicer. We actually have a window of weather right now that has enabled us to leave the inshore Fluking grounds and go offshore after some bigger fish. The Fluke fishing still remains very good so we’ve gotten to do a little bit of this and little bit of that all in one trip. At the risk of mixing up everyone’s names I’ll just make one big report and say that we’ve been catching some beautiful Fluke, Monster Bluefish in the 13-18 lb. range on jigs, False Albacore, and even small Mahi-Mahi today.  It’s so beautiful out there in the blue water right now, we’re seeing Whales, Dolphins, Tuna busting on the surface, the whole 9 yards. I’m going to get some much needed rest tonight as I have an awful Summer cold for some reason. Back on the water on Saturday, check out these nice pics and video.


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