9/17—a little bit of everything

Sorry, I decided to have some fun with this picture from today’s trip. We managed to duck out today before the storms that are headed our way this week. I had Kevin and Gustavio as my charter today and they drove up from Maryland to get in on our September fishery. I sometimes forget how much fun September can be, there’s a lot going on out in the ocean and we got to do a little bit of everything. We bucktailed, jigged, swam plugs, basically whatever we felt like doing to catch fish the way we wanted to. There are a lot of bluefish around (we released almost all of them and kept some smaller ones which taste better), we had Fluke and Weakfish as well. Today was about as nice of a day as it gets with the water and air temps matching at 71 degrees. These guys are experienced fishermen and we got to mess around and catch them the way we like to–on artificial baits with frequent hookups. Good times.

I am not fishing as often right now because I’m very deep into the recording of a new album and that is my main focus at the moment. We are going to fish 5 days a week in November for Striped Bass though. If you have called me about a booking or if you need to make up a date that was previously cancelled due to weather please call me. I have been slow in returning calls and emails because I have been living at the studio for the most part and am on very different hours than I am when I’m fishing. Today I woke up at 5am to do this trip, two days ago I was in the studio until 7:30 am. You get the idea……..Also, here’s a picture of a cow nose ray I was forced to gaff in the wing in order to get my bucktail back. I do have primo dates open for November Striper fishing, please keep trying and I promise I will respond to all inquiries.

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