Fort Lauderdale–2/13

I didn’t bring a laptop with me (on purpose) for the month of February when I went to Austin to finish the Moistboyz fifth album, which is titled “Moistboyz V-Medusa”. The album is being mixed as we speak and should be out this June or July. We are planning on doing summer tourdates but we haven’t started booking them as of yet. From Austin I went to Fort Lauderdale, FL to do a week of charters, followed by three days of filming a pilot episode of a new fishing show with Les Claypool. We had some issues with bad weather but we did get some fishing in and shot some great footage of us hanging out on the boat jamming as well. Les is an avid fisherman and a great guy and I had a great time jamming with him, we hit a groove immediately and he is one of the most talented musicians I’ve ever played with. The charters that I ran from 2/17 to 2/24 were some of the best I ever did. We caught Sailfish and Mahi on EVERY TRIP. Anyone who has ever fished before should appreciate how unlikely that is—there are no guarantees in any kind of fishing, especially when targeting Billfish though and in very tough conditions to boot. We even hooked a Blue Marlin on our Tuesday charter and gave it everything we had. Here are some pics from the trip. Special thanks to my buddy Capt. Phil Dunn and his brother Greg—we all worked our asses off despite 16 hour work days to make this happen and were rewarded with a lot of beautiful fish.

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