Great Fishing 4/5/2013

We enjoyed stellar fishing and great weather today out on the mighty Delaware River. John and landed (and lost) a lot of fish this evening and the final half hour of the trip was absolutely insane. The fish were hitting on every rod at once–as quickly as we could net one fish we’d have to deal with another rod or two that was hooked up. The fish this year have pretty much all been massive Roes, i have no idea what to make of that as usually the smaller Buck Shad come first and the big females afterwards. I’m not complaining, the fishery is thriving again this year, it’s been trending that way for the past 5 years and it’s still getting better. I’m also enclosing a picture of Craig from yesterday afternoon’s trip which was also very good. I never try and get my hopes up too high, but with warm weather coming this week I wouldn’t be surprised if we have a 50-100 fish trip sometime soon. Yowza!

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