FISH ON! 4/6/2013

“FISH ON” was the chant of the day out on the river this afternoon. My two favorite words. To be catching a lot of fish on a daily basis is the best thing for so many of us right now after having endured an unusually cruel and awful winter that wasn’tĀ conducive to fishing in the NE at all. We didn’t put in much time this afternoon, I took a friend out for their birthday and some fun fishing and we never went more than 15 minutes without hooking up, and when we did it was usually with two or three fish in succession. The weather this week looks fantastic and I am planning on being on the water for most of it. We have a very unique fishery with the American Shad in the Delaware River, one of the few bodies of water that hasn’t been dammed or over fished. Shad fishing is very technique specificĀ and our river is pretty much the only place left where you can legally fish for and keep them if you wish. I have been doing it my whole life (and in my hometown of New Hope, PA) and if you’d like to try your hand at it now is the time. We have a few weeks to a month left in the main body of the Shad run and then I switch to ocean fishing for the rest of the year. The trips run from 3:30 pm until 7:30 pm daily and cost $400. All trips leave from Lambertville, NJ and all rods and tackle are supplied by me, just show up ready to do battle.

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