Stripers! 5/9 and 5/10/2013

Our full-time Striped Bass schedule started off with a bang. We had Josh and Rachel on the boat yesterday and we got caught in one of the worst rainstorms that I’ve ever experienced on the boat. We got caught a couple of miles offshore and could barely see through the sheets of water —on a center console style boat there is nowhere to hide. We got totally saturated but we did catch one nice Bass for our efforts. This morning was a whole different story, we had Wendy and Chris on the boat on a picture perfect day and the fish were biting pretty consistently on our live baits throughout the course of the day. Wendy caught the biggest Bass of this year (so far) with her 28 pounder. I can’t remember a day where we lost as many fish as today though. They seemed to be sort of non-committal, either that or we really suck as fishermen because we missed a ton of fish today.  We did manage to get a few in the boat though and all in all it was a great week to start the season.

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