Stripers 6/10 and 6/11/2013

Someday I’m going to write a book about my experiences as a charter boat Captain and a touring musician. Yesterday’s trip will get a whole chapter of the book. I have a 12 year old son though and he’s really good at using a computer so I can’t tell it here, you’ll have to wait for the book. Fishing has been hot and cold, it has been a very strange Striper run to say the least. Something one of my charter boat Captain friends said something yesterday that stuck with me and ended up paying off the past 2 days. For whatever reason the Bass have been mouthing the baits and then dropping them. At first I was thinking they were just smaller fish that were having trouble inhaling a 12 inch Bunker (the live fish we use as bait—Menhaden). He was so getting so sick of it that he just started locking up the reels immediately the second they grabbed it. We didn’t have a lot of opportunities so far this week but instead of giving them the old “5 Mississippi” count like I usually do I just go for it and it paid off. Thanks for that advice Kris Black. I have never fished in a worse rain storm than yesterday btw, it was unbelievable, you couldn’t even see through it!

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