Archangel Striped Bass Report 6/15/2013—The day the Cows came home.

Due to the heavy wind and thunderstorms we had in our area on Thursday and Friday we were forced to move our trips around a bit and ended up fishing on Saturday (yesterday), something we never do. There is a lot of weekend boat traffic and inconsiderate or clueless boaters on the water on the weekends and it makes Striper fishing tough–all of the boat noise drives the bait down and away. We had two very dedicated anglers as our charter in Luigi and Nick and I met them for drinks on Friday night to discuss our plan for yesterday. Things couldn’t have gone any better for us, what has been pretty much steady but not stellar fishing turned around this week with some absolutely enormous Stripers feeding aggressively on our live baits. We had two of the largest fish of the season yesterday and we even got some good video of the Bass doing their thing. As a bonus I recorded a nice hillbilly song for the soundtrack to the video!

Luigi told me it was one of the greatest days of his life, that kind of statement makes our jobs worthwhile. Needless to say, these were the biggest Bass he’d ever caught, and he fishes hard and often. He and his friend Nick caught their legal limit before going into release mode, the strain on Randy’s face in one of these pictures shows you how big and bad these Bass we’re getting are averaging. Everyone went home with sore arms last night, and smiles on their faces, me and Randy included. Two more weeks of Striped Bass fishing and then we switch over to Fluke and Sea Bass for the Summer, but the run is at it’s peak right now.

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