Fluke and Sea Bass-3 day report

The past few days are a blur—we had 3 trips and one cancellation because of weather (on Thursday). Friday was only a little bit nicer with a strong NE wind blowing up the ocean big time. It didn’t take long for us to lose our first man to seasickness. Joel did not look very happy, spending most of the trip in the fetal position with waves crashing over the bow. We had to work our asses off to get and keep our baits in the zone, it took of all of 12 ozs. of lead and a lot of paying out line to even have chance. we did end up landing 4 nice Fluke and some Sea Bass before we threw into towel to spare Joel any more misery. It was Bryan’s 40 th birthday and he made a commemorative shirt for the event which depicted he and I holding up a pair of fish with the date on the front as well. I would have to say that he is a Ween superfan. He also worked for Travelocity so he shot a bunch of pictures for their website with their mascot, the Travelocity Gnome.

Friday night I decided to take the boat to the fuel dock to get some gas and Nick Honachesfsky grabbed a rod and rode along and ended up catching a 25 1/2 inch Fluke right in the harbor. It was a bonus fish which gotten eaten for dinner, love it.

Saturday I had the Cundari brothers onboard for the younger brother’s surprise bachelor party. The Sea Bassing was absolutely phenomenal, you dropped your bait to the bottom and you caught a Sea Bass, doesn’t get any easier than that right?. We filled the cooler to the top in no time and also caught a bunch of Fluke and Ling to boot. These guys were one of the more fun bachelor parties I’ve ever hosted, we had a total blast and there was a lot of ballbusting and beer drinking to go along with the stellar Bassing.

The Fluke are moving into the deeper water holes and we definitely saw some bigger fish this weekend. Sorry for all of the pics…….

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