Bluefish and Weakfish 10/21/13

We are catching the biggest Bluefish I’ve ever seen in my life—-every single fish is over 15 lbs and some are over 20 lbs. These fish are all being caught on AVA jigs and their mouths and bellies are filled with sand eels. I would love to see fish in this class move within surfcasting range. When I tell you that we caught over 75 fish this size today it’s not a lie–if I had to take a guess at the biggest fish I would say it was in the 22lb range. We actually had to take breaks from fishing to have a conversation or have a smoke, it was that non-stop. Great stuff. On the way there were acres of birds close to shore so of course we stopped, every drop of the jig yielded a Weakfish, half of which were keeper size. The amount of bait in the water is mind blowing, as long as we don’t have any bad storms we could be looking at an epic fall run of fish.

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