Archangel Season Finale 11/23/2013 Massacre!

When your fishing trip starts off with a quadruple header (4 fish on at once) you know it’s going to be a special day. On my final charter of 2013 I ran way to the North (think about fishing in the shadow of NYC) because I heard that there┬áhad been a massive body of fish up that way. This was an understatement. I was releasing fish faster than we could catch them, sometimes there were 4-6 fish on the deck at once and every boat around us seemed to be hooked up for the duration of our charter as well. There may have been a day in my past where more Stripers came over the rail of Archangel but if there is I can’t remember that trip. The boat is now out of the water and winterized, in hibernation until April. Thanks to everyone who fished with me this year, and anyone who still wants to get out there, I have a feeling that we’re going to have fish deep into the winter this year and maybe well into next year as well.


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