Archangel Report 11-16-2015

I have been really slacking on this website. I get so pre-occupied with Facebook that I forget to post reports here. We are still fishing—constantly. If I didn’t fish I might die. So here is today’s report, there have been many fishing trips between the last update and now—we’re still running all of the time, I just post them to my phone for Facebook tho—I will do a better job keeping this site current tho.

I would have to rank this fall’s fishing as the best i can ever remember. we’ve been catching big striped bass from the surf and the boat–but these are huge fish, because we have bunker around—for the layman, bunker are big baits, weighing over a pound apiece. typically in the fall we see smaller bait like sand eels, or rainfish, and therefore smaller fish. the bigger the bait, generally the bigger the fish. this has been a monumental fall migration so far with big fish coming from the surf and the boats. the pictures tell the story. call now or email to book a trip for the spring, it is the ultimate x-mas gift!

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