Weekly fishing wrapup 7/28/2011

I’m a little behind on my fishing reports this week but we have been doing very well with Fluke and Bluefish every day. This is the way I like it, fill the cooler with meat and then go to the battlegrounds to play around with Mr. Bluedog. As long as we have a drift we are catching Fluke. The Bluefish are still exhibiting that strange spawning behavior, but they are still Bluefish and you can entice them into a reaction strike with the right presentation and they are the big 10-15 lbers. Overall, the Fluking has been fantastic and we are averaging between 75-100 fish per trip with around a 1-15 keeper to throwback ratio. I am now booking Striped Bass/Bluefish/Albacore trips for the fall and there are still a couple weeks worth of prime slots available, please call or email to book your trip now, 2011 has been an outstanding year on the water so far.


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