6-29-2012 Fluke and Sea Bass were Excellent.

How good was the bottom fishing today? It was awesome to the tune of 29 keeper Sea Bass and 9 keeper Fluke. I am a fisherman and that means I’m prone to exaggerating, but no lie, we caught over 100 fish yesterday and over 150 today, non-stop action from start to finish. Throw in some scorching hot weather and beautiful seas and it was a stellar couple of days to be chartering. I can’t wait to get back at it, these kind of trips more than make up for the slow trips

We have set aside a couple of days next week to have the Archangel get her annual service, other than that we have a couple of openings. If you were ever thinking about fishing with us this is a great opportunity to catch a lot of beautiful fish and have fresh Flounder and sea Bass for dinner. Give me a ring at 215-693-4215 if you are interested. Excellent, excellent, excellent fishing out there right now!

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