Archangel Bluefish 10/10/2011

I think we’ve had something like 5 fishable days where the conditions were nice since Hurricane Irene. We have been chomping at the bit to get back on the water and today was about as nice of a day as I’ve ever fished. Flat calm seas, warm air temps, and tons of bird activity and bait in the water.

Adam and I broke the inlet in the dark this morning to try and intercept the Stripers on their way down from Montauk but instead we ran into monster Bluefish in giant wolf packs. We boated over 50 fish between the two of us and none were under 10 lbs and the biggest were over 15 lbs. We had them on the jig, chunk, and the troll. There is tons of life out there and the Stripers should be right behind these Blues once the ocean temp. drops to normal October levels. Water temp was between 66-68 degrees and seas were less than 1 foot, even 16 miles NE of the inlet.

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